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Whitelime Wins 470 Bitcoins ($109,605) In Betcoin Poker Tournament

Whitelime Wins 470 Bitcoins 109 605 In Betcoin Poker Tournament

The online Bitcoin poker industry has seen slightly better days than it is nowadays, as the industry leader SealsWithClubs shut down and the traffic was scattered all over the place. One of the few sites to pick up the traffic and offer a good experience is Betcoin, who has been operating close to a couple of years now.

Betcoin Poker offers players the chance to play the most popular variants of cash games, but also to participate in sit n go’s as well as major tournaments, using Bitcoins to buy-in. Betcoin Poker shares tournaments and sit n go’s with the Winning Poker Network, allowing them to offer several million in guaranteed prizes every single month.

This Sunday Betcoin Poker and the Winning Poker Network hosted a BTC4,330 ($1,000,000) guaranteed tournament where the winner will receive at least 866 Bitcoins ($200,000). A total of 1,549 players paid the entry-fee to participate and amongst those was Betcoin Poker player Whitelime.

Whitelime made it all the way to the final table where he grinded it down to only five players left, while having the chiplead. At this point Whitelime and the four others agreed upon a deal that secured Whitelime a massive 470 Bitcoins ($109,605) for him finishing in 3rd place.

Whitelime thus secured himself the biggest Bitcoin tournament prize to have ever been paid, making him extremely happy. Betcoin talked to Whitelime after the tournament where he gave a few comments to them:

“This was my biggest win in a MTT. I typically play alot of cash games and SNGs. Betcoin opened me up to playing MTTs though. My strategy was to get many players into a hand as possible and outplay their range. The structure of an MTT tends to reward luck over skill, so I try to change the rhythm of the game and gain additive EV over as many hands as possible. Most pro players don't want to do this. They rather play autopilot and stick to textbook MTT strategies and exploit weaker player mistakes, especially early on.”

Congratulations to Whitelime for the great result and congratulations to “JohnLegend” for taking home the first place in the tournament, despite not being a Bitcoin poker player.