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Walmart Discontinuing Gift Cards Agreement with Gyft

By Daniel Allermand

Online and mobile gift card provider Gyft, has just informed their customers via email that they will no longer be able to sell Walmart gift cards through their company. Gyft is most well known in cryptocurrency circuits for accepting Bitcoin payments for their gift cards and when they integrated Walmart last month, many were quite pleased about it.

But now Gyft will no longer be able to sell Walmart gift cards, as the agreement didn’t even last an entire month before getting closed. Gyft sent out an email to all their customers saying;

“Due to circumstances beyond our control, we need to remove Walmart from our list of participating retailers, effective April 13, 2014. Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to bring them back up as soon as possible.”

The good news for any Gyft customer who has already purchased a Walmart gift card, but hasn’t used it yet is that they will still be redeemable in Walmart. So it is only for future purchases that the agreement for now has come to an end, while Gyft tries to figure out a way to be able to integrate the popular chain again.

Daniel Allermand

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