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US Defense Contractor ‘BAE Systems’ planning to hire ‘Cryptocurrency Exploiters’

US Defense Contractor BAE Systems planning to hire Cryptocurrency Exploiters

One of the world’s largest defense contractors based in United States- BAE Systems wants to hire ‘cryptocurrency exploiters’ to support their client based in Washington, DC. BAE Systems, McLean, V, is advertising on LinkedIn in search for candidates who can “demonstrate proficiency in cryptocurrency” and can further to move to Washington metropolitan area to “support a client’s operational requirements.”

One needs to be Bitcoin professional to be considered for ‘cryptocurrency exploiter’

I order to apply, the candidates are required to be a certified bitcoin professional or expert (CBP/X) - industry-standard certifications-or have a “substantive understanding” of cryptocurrencies. It will include an expertise in elliptic curve algorithms and zero-knowledge proofs, along with “hands-on experience analyzing Smart Contract vulnerabilities.” All these were the essentials written in the advertisement posted by the Contractor.

According to ad, the candidates should also know about how cryptocurrencies operate at a source code level, as well as “understand privacy coins, wallet types, full and light nodes, virtual currency payment processors, secure protocols and other issues related to the currency.”

BAE Systems Inc. as one of the largest contractors of the U.S. Military

Supplying it with military hardware as well as advanced electronics and technology solutions, BAE Systems Inc. is one of the largest contractors for the U.S Department of Defense.

BAE’s haven’t revealed anything about the client’s identity or its whereabouts but it does described the role requires for candidates to have security clearance from Polygraph, a lie detector test usually reserved for positions that handle sensitive information.

Candidates are supposed to interact with officials at “all-levels” within the client organization and will be needed an experience in “supporting operations or familiarity with the Intelligence Community.” Further, the candidates are required to have at least six years of relevant work experience.

According to the ad posted on LinkedIn, it’s been already five months since the job requirement was posted and interested people are requested to “Be among the first 25 applicants.”