| On 6 years ago

Uber Driver Bitcoin Tipping App Launched By Former Uber Driver


Bitcoins are gaining ground in the mainstream population these days, despite the value continuing to be between $230-$300. More and more companies are accepting Bitcoin payments, some are using the Blockchain technology and others simply build their entire business around it.

Now it is being used for Uber drivers in the US who wants to be able to receive tips when they take customers around, which has not been possible up until now. Uber has never allowed tipping inside their app, which has led to many taxi drivers not receiving tips in same way that regular drives do.

Now a former Uber driver has created an application that Uber drivers can use to receive tips through Bitcoins. It is easy to install and integrate in the Uber car and according to the latest numbers, upwards of 3,000 Uber drivers has already downloaded the application.

Basically the Uber driver will have to install a tablet in the back seat of the car where the customers will be able to press “Tip your driver” and send Bitcoins, which will all go to the driver of the car, with the app being funded by the advertisements that are in the app.

“Creating a way for Uber drivers to accept tips electronically seemed like a natural expansion.” The creator of the VUGO app, James Bellefeuille said to CNET.

“Uber is trying to change the culture around tipping service professionals. The biggest reason why tipping is important is because your driver is delivering a service,” He added.

Tipping has never been more important for Uber drivers in the US, as the company decreased the fares in 48 states, which brings the hourly rate for them from $36 down to $19, close to 50% down compared to before.