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Two Bitcoin ATM’s Open in Dallas

Two Bitcoin ATM s Open in Dallas

Bitcoin ATM’s has been the trend of the  year to help spread the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and now the people of Dallas, Texas, no longer need to buy theirs online as there has been installed two of them in a trendy area of the city.

The ATM’s are one-way ATM’s only, meaning that you can only buy Bitcoins with your cash and not cash out your Bitcoins for cash. The ATM’s came in partnership with a local Bitcoin enthusiast group who recommended places to place them and explained the benefits to the local community.

"I had three different companies contacted me asking about bringing a Bitcoin ATM to Dallas,"  Will Fayen, Organizer of the local Bitcoin group said. "This could be big here."

Justin Hendrix, Vice President of the UT College entrepreneur society noted that they are actually behind schedule on Bitcoin ATM’s due to the large amount of students coming to the college this year. With the Bitcoin ATM’s in place, students will be able to trade services easier, transfer funds as well as perhaps pay their tuition at one point if the school would accept it. 

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