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Two Bitcoin ATM's Installed in Los Angeles

Two Bitcoin ATM's Installed in Los Angeles

The Bitcoin has now spread its roots to the city of moviestars and fame, Los Angeles. A total of two Bitcoin ATM's produced by Robocoin has been installed in two convenience stores in Los Angeles and now makes it easy for the citizens to purchase Bitcoins.

The machines are located in Hollywood and in Venice inside local stores, where everyone are welcome to come and purchase Bitcoins. The machines from Robocoin are known to be the most secure on the market and users will have to scan their hands as well as verify their transactions through their mobile to get the order through.

ExpressCoin, a Bitcoin company based out of Santa Monica, is the company behind the two Bitcoin ATM's and will be managing and supplying the Bitcoins for the ATM's. Their goal is to get the mainstream public to understand exactly what a Bitcoin is and how it can benefit their everyday life and the financial world as we know it.

The ATM's are already quite popular in Los Angeles, having transactions for several hundred dollars every single day. The number is increasing every single day and with the knowledge of the Bitcoin spreading even across the rich and famous, it shouldn't be long before more and more people acknowledge and invests in the coin.

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