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Two Bitcoin ATM's Installed in California

Two Bitcoin ATM's Installed in California

It is hardly breaking news any longer when a country or state decides to install Bitcoin ATM's, but the way that it is all blowing up all over the world at the moment is quite extraordinary. Not only are we seeing that several organizations are doing hard work to integrate payment gateways and systems for Bitcoins in their countries, we also see some of the more poor African countries trying to embrace the Bitcoin and help themselves out.

The development shows that the heart of the Bitcoin industry is in the right place and while most are there to make money, they haven't forgotten what the Bitcoin is really about. This is positive as we see the Bitcoin ATM producers are producing cheaper and cheaper machines to sell, which only requires a WIFI connection to work.

Now one of the more complicated Bitcoin ATM's has been installed two places in Southern California, both machines delivered by Robocoin. The machines costs $15,000 and are named ZenBox Bitcoin ATM, which has been bought by ExpressCoin who will also operate the ATM's in California.

Users will now be able to go down to the Bitcoin ATM and buy and sell Bitcoins easily through cash payments. The machines can recognize some features of the users look and ensure that no one can rob your account pretending to be you. All transactions are instant and the machine only charges a small fee for each transaction. 

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