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Two Bitcoin ATM's In Vancouver

Two Bitcoin ATM's In Vancouver

In October of 2013 the world's first Bitcoin ATM was installed in Vancouver Canada, installed in Waves Coffee House. Now the city is attracting headlines again, as there has now been installed yet another Bitcoin ATM this time in Quadriga CX.

The new Bitcoin ATM is provided by Lamassu, which is the most inexpensive and by far smallest Bitcoin ATM in production today. You can exchange cash for Bitcoins in the machine, unfortunately it is not possible to do the reverse just yet. The fee for purchasing Bitcoins through the ATM is 3% on top of the Bitstamp rate, which all goes to the owner of the ATM. The maximum purchasing limit is set to $3,000, providing you with around 4.5 Bitcoins at max at the current rate.

Using the ATM is very simple as it is a touch screen ATM with a user-friendly software, easy to navigate through and even has QR coding implemented. This way you simply insert your cash and let the machine scan your QR code and within a few minutes you will receive the Bitcoins on your wallet.

Quadriga CX announced that they have even more Lamassu Bitcoin ATM's on order, which they are planning to place across Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

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