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Top Cryptocurrencies Recover Bringing Up The Market Cap

Top Cryptocurrencies Recover Bringing Up The Market Cap

The total value of all cryptocurrencies has increased by $22 billion after a surge in the prices of these digital currencies since Sunday. The market started coming to life ever since the weekend crash with total prices adding to about $12 billion on Tuesday. The prices of Bitcoin went up by 15% while, the prices of Ethereum increased by more than 20% to come back at $200 mark.

In all, a total of 14 of the top 15 coins experienced a double digit surge in the prices brings the total market cap to $82 billion mark.

Falling to as low as $1,843 on July 16 Bitcoin recovered by 15%, gaining an impressive $492 in its value since Sunday’s low, now sitting at a price of over $2300. The total market cap of Bitcoin has increased to $38.4 billion.

Ethereum has resumed its prices of where it was before a week, reaching a stable ground after the weekend sell-off. Ethereum’s value has increased by 20% striking the previous $200 mark to its current value of $202, with a market cap of about $18.9 billion.

Litecoin was the only top 15 currency that increased by less than 10%, while Ripple had a stunning 21% gain bringing the market cap to $7 billion from $1 billion.

The dominance of Bitcoin seems to be tapering down from 50% on Sunday to 46.8% on Monday, while Ethereum occupied a stable share in market at 22.8%, while Litecoin market cap has fallen from 3% to 2.8%. Ripple proved out to be the best performer with market cap share increasing from 1% to 8%.

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