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The Womans Centre in Canada Accepting Bitcoin Donations

The Womans Centre in Canada Accepting Bitcoin Donations

When it comes to charities, most organizations understands the importance of accepting different types of payment methods to be able to reach as big a crowd as possible. The Womans Centre in Canada understands this better than most and have now integrated Bitcoin donations as a possibility.


While The Womans Centre is not amongst the first charities in the world to accept Bitcoin donations, it still marks an important milestone in charities and in Canada because of the importance of the charity and because of Canada's hard work to integrate Bitcoins as much as possible in the every day life.


“It makes a lot of sense because charities, much like small businesses, get hit with a lot of processing fees because they don’t really do huge volume like a major retailer does,” Dave Bradley, Head of Bitcoin Brains said to the MetroNews.Ca.


Bradley sees that the low transaction cost from the Bitcoin not only saves the charities a fortune in costs, but the donations are also instantaneous, which benefits everyone.


Since the launch of Bitcoin donations on August 8th, the centre has received around $335 worth of donations, but the number is expected to grow.


“If it ends up being something that people are using on a more regular basis, then being one of the few places that can accept donations with Bitcoin will definitely give us a little bit of an edge” Sarelle Azuelos, Spokesperson for The Womans Centre said.


The Womans Centre offers support for women in the community through different programs and activities. You can make a donation to them by going to

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