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The Port Royal Pub in Exeter Accepting Bitcoin Payments

The Port Royal Pub in Exeter Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Accepting Bitcoins as a payment method is becoming increasingly popular in online stores, especially with BitPay offering very affordable solutions to even small businesses and ensuring that volatility will not be an issue. There are some land-based stores and amusement places who have decided to accept Bitcoins as well though, one of the most recent ones are the Port Royal pub in Exeter, UK.

The pub's owner has seen the potential in accepting Bitcoins as a payment method in his pub and has set up his own wallet, allowing visitors to pay for their beers and other drinks through Bitcoins. It all started out as a trial for the pub and now they decided to accept the payments from the local meetup group in Bitcoins.

It is far from the first pub in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments, but it is, as far as we know, the first pub outside a major city in the UK to accept Bitcoin payments. The owner has not set up any sort of payment system for Bitcoins, so the owner will have to calculate every day what beers and such has to cost and then the customers have to transfer the funds through their mobile to his wallet and he will then have to sell the coins to ensure he doesn't lose out on value.

While it is not the ideal solution for the Port Royal pub, it is still great to see that more and more businesses are embracing the Bitcoin and understands the value it brings to their business.

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