| On 4 years ago

The Gap Created by the Withdrawal of JPMorgan


With the upcoming R3 fundraising talks, many have opted to move out from the even. The most remarkable name that struck the media was none other than the JPMorgan Bank. R33 has eight financial banks under its platform. With the exit of the JPMorgan bank, it is a big issue as this has been a scenario within just six months. This block chain has a great gap to fill with the exit of another big name. The report suggests that the JPMorgan has chosen to take into consideration another technological path.

The technological group of R3 mainly focusses on the block chain usage in the financial sector. This is indeed a great platform with the involvement of more seventy institutions. Not only do they engage themselves in the research par but also they are very much into development activities to give out the best. With the innovation ticking round the clock, they push themselves into a new boulevard of financial sector. The withdrawal of JPMorgan Chase & Co has been a great blow for the R3 fundraising process. The other notable names to leave are Goldman Sachs, Banco Santander and Morgan Stanley. It is now time for JPMorgan to take into consideration other block chains or initiatives.