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The D Las Vegas Casino Installing Bitcoin ATM

The D Las Vegas Casino Installing Bitcoin ATM

The first Bitcoin ATM has been installed in the city of sins, Las Vegas. This means that the millions of tourists that goes there every year will now be able to purchase Bitcoins when they visit.  The ATM has been installed in the D Las Vegas Casino and has been delivered by Robocoin, who will ensure that everything works as it should.

Besides installing a Bitcoin ATM, the casino will of course also accept the popular cryptocurrency inside their hotel and casino. You can pay at the front desk, in restaurants and in gift shops with Bitcoins, but it is not possible to gamble with Bitcoins because of the strict laws that the Nevada Gambling Commission have for casinos.

To purchase Bitcoins all you have to do is to go into the Robocoin kiosk and slide in dollars and enter your wallet address and you'll be the happy owner of Bitcoins. Alternatively you can also sell your Bitcoins to the ATM and get paid out in cash directly, at the rate that Robocoin has got from Bitstamp.

It seems that Bitcoins are becoming increasingly popular in the tourist industry and hopefully it can bring more industries towards the coins so we can change the way finances works today.

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