| On 6 years ago

The Bitcoin Value Stabilizes Around The $300 Mark


The Bitcoin is starting to gain some ground in the mainstream industry, as we see more and more companies using either the Bitcoin as a payment method, either as stand-alone or alongside traditional payment methods, or using the Bitcoin/Blockchain technology.

Along with the increased mainstream coverage, the Bitcoin started to gain more ground and distance itself from the many bad stories of the past. There are still stories circulating around the Bitcoin being used to extort companies for money and similar, but the cases are getting more rare.

Instead we see more stories about large corporations and banks showing an interest in the Bitcoin, both as a currency and as a technology. Along with this comes more trust towards the Bitcoin, which is currently benefiting the value of the coin.

This year we have seen the Bitcoin go down to a value of around $170 at its lowest, which came after several bad publicity stories. Since then the Bitcoin has moved forward, with the industry working hard to expand into new markets and show the benefits of a Bitcoin over traditional currencies.

This has led to the value of a Bitcoin now reaching levels of around $300 a piece, which is the highest level in almost a year, besides a fast jump a months time back. As the Bitcoin is building up a trustworthy relationship with the mainstream population, the value continues to rise slowly but steady.