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The Bitcoin Price is Plummeting – Under $400 Now

The Bitcoin Price is Plummeting Under 400 Now

We're at it again. There's no other way to say it at this point, as the Bitcoin has once again had one of its bigger price falls this year, reaching levels below $395 at the time of this article being written. The Bitcoin community have different theories towards why the Bitcoin cannot stabilize, but truth be told is that no one really knows.


The extreme fall in value for the Bitcoin marks the by far biggest issue for the cryptocurrency – stability. While companies like BitPay and Coinbase can ensure companies that they are not losing any money while accepting Bitcoins, it is still notoriously annoying for a company to have to adjust prices constantly to be able to follow the price movement.


Also for the mainstream public's adoption towards the Bitcoin it is a big issue, as the house wife from Kentucky doesn't want to buy for $500 worth of Bitcoins, which is worth $350 the day after. The industry needs to do something to ensure the stability of the value of the Bitcoin, otherwise it doesn't matter which company will integrate it as a payment method – It will die.

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