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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 47,204.87

The Bitcoin Price Going Up Again

The Bitcoin Price Going Up Again

The Bitcoin continues its unstable ride through 2014, as the value is once again rising after falling just last week. The value is currently set at around $350 per Bitcoin, with a trend showing that the value should increase further the coming days.


The strange thing is that there hasn't really been any big positive news in the past weeks time regarding the Bitcoin, but rather there's been the usual smaller bad news such as hackers trying to extort people for money and similar.


But despite the news, the Bitcoin outlook is once again looking positive. Hopefully it will continue for a longer period of time and help the Bitcoin blossom even more in 2015, where we can expect the retail industry to begin to seriously pick up the Bitcoin as a payment method.


New technology from Bitcoin payment providers will eventually ensure that the Bitcoin will become a mainstream technology to pay with and it might even replace the credit card – not directly, but by inspiring a brand new technology which will replace what we currently have.

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