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The Bitcoin Foundation Welcomes Denmark as Latest Affiliate

By Daniel Allermand

The Bitcoin Foundation announced yesterday that they have taken in yet another local affiliate, this time from the small Scandinavian country of Denmark. Dansk Bitcoinforening as the affiliate is called is based right outside Copenhagen, to be exact in the tech-savvy city of Lyngby.

In Lyngby you’ll find the leading technical university, DTU, as well as other high profile educational places as well as major companies such as IBM. So the road has been made clear for the Dansk Bitcoinforening to find members locally and when the Danish tax department announced that all gaining’s from Bitcoins are tax-free, businesses excluded, they saw a rise in their members.

“We see the outcome of bitcoin transactions as a result of something purely private. Therefore, any gains on bitcoin are tax-exempt, and losses are not deductible,” said Hanne Søgaard Hansen, Chairman of the Tax Board.

Dansk Bitcoinforening is being led on by Pascal Mikkelsen who is the chairman, alongside Martin Clemens Bloch and Carsten Keutmann who are both board members. The three guys are trying to make Bitcoin grow in Denmark by creating different projects, doing meetups and also host conferences so that everyone can see what the Bitcoin is about and learn more about what it does.

“We believe global teamwork is essential in developing a global financial evolution. With this partnership, the Danish Bitcoin Foundation is strengthening its international connection,” said Pascal Mikkelsen, Chairman of Dansk Bitcoinforening.

Daniel Allermand

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