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Support Armory and Organizations by Donating Bitcoins

Support Armory and Organizations by Donating Bitcoins

It is well known that many charity and organizations has started to accept Bitcoin donations, in order for them to reach as big a market as possible and also avoid extreme fees from the payments provider.

Now Armory Bitcoin Wallet has decided to highlight a few key charities who all promote Bitcoin, open-source and freedom, on their website, where you can make a donation and Armory will match your donation. So far Armory has matched 5.75BTC in donations, leaving around 14.25BTC for new donations to be made that they can match.

To be able to donate to these organizations, you'll need to download the Armory wallet and donate your Bitcoins through that, otherwise they will not be able to match the amount that you donate. The new Armory wallet is full of great features, including simulfunding.

Simulfunding is the simplest example of a Bitcoin "contract." All parties specify how  much they are contributing (the terms), the parties combine these contributions into a single transaction (written contract), then all parties sign it (execution of the contract). Either the contract is executed in full and all parties contribute at the same time, or no Bitcoins move at all. There is no other possible outcome. The Bitcoin network itself enforces this agreement, removing the need for trust between any of the parties.