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Study suggest a blockchain job boom in Asia

Study suggest a blockchain job boom in Asia

Despite all the cynicism surrounding Blockchain technology, studies suggest that a mass number of people are attracted to the jobs related to cryptocurrency.

People are opting for the road not taken and rather than going in conventional sectors in Asia, and the trend suggest that people are going for this sector.

Blockchain technology use the technology and include the currencies such as Bitcoins, Ethreum etc. It consists of digital record of transactions which are not prone to any sort of alteration.

The technology has received mixed reactions from around the world as some have embraced the technology while some have seen it with a raised brows.

John Mullally, the director of financial services at Robert Walters said, "not many people have actual skills set" when it comes to seeking jobs in the virtual currency sector.

Countries like China, India have vehemently opposed the idea of the Bitcoins and they have also warned the users against the cons of it. However, the growing trend clearly suggest that people are open to embrace it.

The co-founder of Singapore based crypto wallet and card set-up sais, "We prefer not to hire people from inside of crypto because most of them lack experience. You get only a handful of people who are experienced in this sector."

However, the volatile market of cryptocurrency has left the people doubtful over the future of the cryptocurrencies.