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Stellar, a New Crypto Currency with Stripe Backing

Stellar a New Crypto Currency with Stripe Backing

While new crypto currencies pop up almost daily it feels like, Stellar really has the potential to become something huge. This new crypto currency’s backed by Stripe, a service that will allow users to instantly send ‘Stellar’ Bitcoin, USD, Euros and pesos all over the world. This automatic conversion and high speed transaction will add to Stellar’s popularity, as many of the current crypto currencies are not easy to use for payments.


For now Stellar will be given out to people who sign up for their services via Facebook. While the new coin is far from being as valuable as Bitcoin, which currently hoovers at around $600 per coin, there is some real potential with these bright young minds behind the design and marketing of this coin.


If you want to receive 5,000 Stellar for free you can do so by going to their website and claim the coin by linking it to your Facebook account. 


Here’s an interview with Stripe CEO Patrick Collison to give you a better idea of what this service is all about.