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Startup Bitcoin Business Investments Passing $117 Million

Startup Bitcoin Business Investments Passing 117 Million

It is very popular investing into startup Bitcoin businesses, some places more than others. In North America, startup Bitcoin businesses have received $98.8 million in investments spread over 19 different companies. In comparison, nine companies in Asia shared investments of $13.3 million and three businesses in Europe shared $5.6 million according to Aite who surveyed banks, merchants, regulators and Bitcoin companies.

Bitcoin is by far the most popular cryptocurrency and it is getting a lot of attention from institutional investors due it having evolved into having a huge financial worth and network. Pantera Capital Management disclosed in a December regulatory filing that they have created a $147 million investment fund just for Bitcoin and SecondMarket Inc are looking to do the exact same thing, once receiving approval for it.

Common for all of these financial investors is the fact that they all believe that the Bitcoin needs to have its many technical issues fixed before it is ready to become mass adapted. One of the keys is to have faster transaction times, allowing the network to process many more transactions at once.

“A lot of kinks need to be worked out before this utopian promise can be realized, however; the nascent Bitcoin ecosystem is truly akin to the wild, Wild West,” Julie Conroy, Analyst for Aite wrote in her report.

However as the investors wants to turn the Bitcoin into a regulated payment method, rather than use it for what it is, what difference does it have compared to payments as we know it today? The fee may be smaller yes and it may be anonymous for now. But with the changes they are looking to apply over the years to the Bitcoin, doesn't it simply seem like they are trying to turn it into a regular regulated currency, which the banks and governments have full control over? 

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