| On 2 years ago

Staking startup Battlestar promises up to 30 percent returns for holding virtual currencies


Battlestar Capital, blockchain staking-as-a-service startup Battlestar has asserted that customers will be able to earn up to 30 percent per annum. Battlestar has confirmed its association with cryptocurrency lending venture Celsius Network for launching staking service on a large scale which will be providing potentially high returns. Although the announcement has not confirmed about the lower guide for the estimated returns, its official website states that the returns would initially be as low as five percent annually through staking service. Individuals and funds who do not have knowledge and those who are quite busy and they do not have time for managing the day-to-day tasks of supporting a proof-of-stake (PoS) i.e., point-of-stake network by holding the token and getting rewards in return. Battlestar said that it will be protecting the investors’ holdings and they will also provide portfolio yield.

“While most of the custodies sidestep staking, some of the staking agencies avoid staking custodies. However, we have planned to combine strategically everything under one roof,” said an advisor to the company. CEO of Battlestar Capital, Adam Carver, “After the prices of the Bitcoins plunged, investors have made a shift to other cryptocurrencies. They are now looking to diversify their portfolio by staking other coins. PoS coins are trying to make a mark on investors which includes Bitcoin maximalists for gaining a hold with their passive holdings.” Celsius network aims of adding at least five more PoS coins to its existing 17 crypto assets for over the next three months.