Skyhook Sold and Shipped 150 Bitcoin ATM’s

Bitcoin ATM’s are becoming increasingly popular all across the world, with several machines being installed in every single continent every single week. But not all countries or companies can afford to go with one of the more expensive Bitcoin ATM brands such as Robocoin, so what choice do they have?

Well buying a Skyhook Bitcoin ATM is one of the choices and it would make sense to purchase one of these rather than investing a smaller fortune to get one from another company. Skyhook’s Bitcoin ATM offers multicurrency intake, it’s open-source and it’s powered by Blockchain, but the best part is the price of $999 only.

The success of Skyhook is very notable as they announced that they have sold 150 Bitcoin ATM’s, which doesn’t mean pre-orders but actually sold and shipped Bitcoin ATM’s. The company also released information that in June alone they sold and shipped more than 70 Bitcoin ATM’s, showing that they are the popular choice for Bitcoin enthusiasts across the globe.

“The feedback from our customers has been incredibly positive. We’re not seeing a lot of problems in the field, and we’ve gotten a lot of great testimonials and very creative use stories. From storefronts to meetups, Skyhooks are a great fit for everyone.” Skyhook wrote in a statement on their blog.

“Our goal with Skyhook has been to make it possible for everyone to become a Bitcoin exchange, so that the buying of Bitcoin is easy, accessible, and not restricted to a single central source. We’re happy that people are using Skyhook ATMs to make it easy for everyone to buy Bitcoins, and we’re proud of our role in improving the Bitcoin ecosystem by reducing our dependence on centralized exchanges.”

Should you be interested in purchasing your own Bitcoin ATM, then you can do so by having a look at this link

Daniel Allermand

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