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Skyhook Releases $999 Open Source Bitcoin ATM

Skyhook Releases 999 Open Source Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM's are becoming increasingly popular for start-ups and investors to place around the world, but so far most of them has been made for people who already had a decent amount of funds behind them, as Bitcoin ATM's could run upwards of $20,000. Now that has changed and a new Bitcoin ATM will be available for the masses.

Skyhook is the company behind a brand new $999 portable open source Bitcoin ATM, which should make it possible for even the smallest Bitcoin enthusiast to purchase one. The idea behind the Skyhook Bitcoin ATM is to make Bitcoin more accessible to users all over the world, but also for new users.

“It’s very difficult for non-experts to buy bitcoin in the United States and around the world right now, without a lot of work. There are some great bitcoin wallets out there, but most of them come with no way to buy bitcoin.”COO of Skyhook Kyle Drake said to CoinDesk.

“We want to help solve the bitcoin purchasing problem by making it so anyone that wants to try and use bitcoin can just go to a nearby ATM, and get some with cash. The best way to do that is to make bitcoin ATMs affordable, so that anybody can get and use one. It’s a great way for people to get comfortable using bitcoin.” Drake added.

The Skyhook ATM is not only small, but it doesn't weigh very much either which makes it ideal to transport around. It provides a chance for smaller companies as well as bigger to become more involved in the cryptocurrency world and give them a new clientele as well as a new revenue stream.

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