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Simon Fraser University In Canada Accepting Bitcoins In Bookstores

Simon Fraser University In Canada Accepting Bitcoins In Bookstores

The Bitcoin is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with many shops, bars and restaurants starting to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method. In Canada however, they have taken it to the next level as Simon Fraser University now accepts Bitcoins as a payment method in all of their bookstores.

Effectively this means that the students will now be able to buy books with Bitcoins, being able to purchase the Bitcoins through vending machines that are being set up around campus in Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey.

“What we’re trying to do is get students to talk about innovation and try bitcoin. The only way to have an opinion about digital currencies is to learn about it, and we are providing a first-hand experience.” Mark McLaughlin, SFU’s executive director of ancillary services said in a press release.

“It is our mission to challenge and engage students and provide them with learning opportunities, not only inside the classroom, but also outside” He added.

The university will be the first in Canada to accept Bitcoin payments for books and other things, but more may follow in the future if this turns out to be a success.