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Seoul to Host Cryptocurrency Conference This Month

Seoul to Host Cryptocurrency Conference This Month

A conference named “Cryptocurrency 2017: From Reward Points to Cryptocurrency” is to be held on Feb 20 at the Korea Technology Center (Teheran-ro) in Seoul. It is jointly organized by EconoTimes and THEblockchain.

The digital currency event aims to explore the future potential of bitcoin varieties and suggest ways of speeding up their use. While a number of users are convinced in the utility, safety and efficient application of cryptocurrencies, their adoption so far has been modest.

The conference will also look into the possibility of eliminating intermediaries as regards digital currency transactions and draw parallels between reward points and cryptocurrency. The topics to be discussed in the framework of the event include:

   §   The evolution of cryptocurrency explained from the perspective of reward economy

   §   The trend and future of cryptocurrency in central banks in major countries

   §   The past progress of cryptocurrency and its current state of development

   §   Cryptocurrency in the blockchain 2.0 era

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