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San Francisco Blockchain Collective Hosts Genesis Kick-Off Event

San Francisco Blockchain Collective Hosts Genesis Kick Off Event

San Francisco Blockchain Collective is setting up Genesis, a social hub for entrepreneurs in the blockchain and digital currency realm. The launching event will be held at Minna Gallery on April 14. Attendees will be members of the cryptocurrency community along with artists and musicians.

The aim of Genesis is to create a common platform for subcultures in arts, technology and entrepreneurship to collaborate and bring about positive change.

According to Gee Sivalingam, Founder of Genesis, blockchains have “the potential to provide economic scale and reach to many impoverished nations”. To this end, Genesis is hoping to develop the crypto-economy and create conditions for growth in the use of digital currencies.

The event will bring together art displays, as well as music by San Francisco DJs Vedda, Seven, and Leemone Young.

There will also be a follow-up conference on April 24 featuring Cashaa CEO Kumar Gaurav. He is going to talk about current blockchain trends, drawing from his experience with P2P blockchain marketplaces and cryptocurrency exchanges.

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