| On 2 years ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 introduces a built-in cryptocurrency wallet


Cryptocurrencies have created ripples across the world as the world is clearly divided into two parts and the world has been clearly divided into two parts where while some are favouring the cryptocurrencies, others are against the concept of it. However, amidst the ongoing debate, Samsung has taken a significant step which would help the world look at the concept of digital currencies. The latest Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone comes with the built-in cryptocurrency wallet which also allows users for storing Bitcoin Ethereum and Cosmo Coin. Moreover, it will also not need internet.

It is one of the first major smart phones to take a step in this direction. The Galaxy S10 phone is also said to support decentralized apps (Dapps). Samsung’s main Dapp is called Cosmee and it also allows the users to earn Cosmo tokens in leaving beauty review app. A South Korean blockchain start up, Cosmochain behind the Cosmee describes the app by saying that blockchain is a very useful method of recording all the reviews reliably. Samsung has also extended its support for virtual currency Enjin Coin which is an Ethreum-based digital currency for gamers. It announced that it is going to support contactless payments using digital currencies. A few other smart phone makers have also launched blockchain-related phones and it could boost the digital currencies in the near future. Sirin launched Finney phones last year priced at $1,000. HTC has also unveiled Exodus which could only be brought using digital currencies. So we can expect a few more big players jumping in the fray with smart phones  with a support for cryptocurrencies.