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Safello Co-Founder Relocating to Japan to Analyse Mt. Gox

Safello Co Founder Relocating to Japan to Analyse Mt. Gox

Safello, the Swedish Bitcoin exchange site, has seen one of their co-founders go to Japan in order to create a new security firm, which will analyse the former Bitcoin exchange giant Mt. Gox. Emil Oldenburg moved there in order to help out analysing the transaction records of Mt. Gox.

Mt. Gox was the world’s biggest Bitcoin exchange site at one point, but got to a halt in withdrawals which ultimately lead to them going broke. The company had mismanaged more than $600 million worth of Bitcoins over the years, despite having made fortunes on exchange fees and rates, and now faces lawsuits and criminal charges.

Oldenburg is looking forward to being able to help out in Japan and his help is very appreciated by his partner, J. Maurice, who is the Chief Hacking Expert for WizSec.

“Our goal is to recruit the most elite hackers from all over the world, so we’re honoured to have Emil come join us to co-found our bitcoin security firm. As Mt. Gox taught us, the most important thing in bitcoin is to not get hacked, or to build systems that don’t require such trust in the first place, and that’s what our firm will help new bitcoin start-ups with.” Maurice stated.

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