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Ryan Kennedy, Former Dogecoin Exchange Founder

Ryan Kennedy Former Dogecoin Exchange Founder

The founder of the now-defunct Dogecoin exchange service Moolah, Ryan Kennedy, has been charged with fraud and money laundering by the UK police. Kennedy appeared in court today, under the name Alex Green, created Moolah.

The exact charges weren’t identified; according to police, the associated crimes took place. On June 29 new charges were announced after the investigation of three years by UK authorities, after two years of him being arrested and then released by police.


Kennedy has been accused of many offenses under the Fraud Act 2006 and Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 including the theft of bitcoins to a value more than £1 million, was spent on a luxury lifestyle

Kennedy got infamous through Moolah, new buying, and selling of the meme-themed cryptocurrency by sponsoring a NASCAR driver and later seeking money from community members through the distribution of token. He then purchased MintPal, digital currency exchange which collapsed in late 2014 after fraud allegations were levied against him.

Kennedy was accused of stealing thousands of dollars in committed funds and was ultimately taken to court by a group of developers who had launched their cryptocurrency through MintPal.

After being convicted of rape charges last year, and was arrested last year in early 2016 and is serving an 11-year prison sentence.