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Russia Further Delays Cryptocurrency Legalisation Bill

Russia Further Delays Cryptocurrency Legalisation Bill

The cryptocurrency legalisation bill in Russia is further delayed by the officials involved with the frame work of the state legislature in the country.

One of the members of the working group, Elina Leonidovna Sidorenko, Professor Moscow State Institute of International Relations said the process is being scheduled to winters citing several factors.

Sidorenko said all the stakeholders are not aware and in line of the accomplishments through the bill. The recent changes in the market for crypto currencies have further added to the reconsideration of the law.

She further added, “And now all these projects are postponed, we are watching the situation to understand: which solution will be optimal?"

The working group members are further assessing the serious cause of concern, the ever-changing landscape of the cryptocurrency due to serious fluctuations. Sidorenko also told on of the cause of dispute was also if the bill should exist as a stand alone measure of should be included as an amendment to an existing law.

The bill which was initially delayed from December last year was scheduled to be introduced in the autumn this year.