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Rublix: The Next Big Thing in Crypto Trading?

Rublix The Next Big Thing in Crypto Trading?

The soaring success of cryptocurrencies has garnered massive amounts of attention across the world. The burgeoning industry is a hot property for traders to exploit and take away subsequent returns.


Rublix is one such blockchain and smart contract technology startup making its space in crypto trading. It aims to get past many of the common concerns and uncertainties that prevail in decentralized crypto currency trade or speculative asset classes. The objective of the enterprise is to chart a course of transparency and give crypto currencies a better trading performance.


Rublix is coming up with a suite of products tied to a striving roadmap, to be floored with a series of launch dates. These products are developed at platforms where top designers and coders come together to cater to professionals seeking to actively participate in the world of decentralized crypto markets.


Hedge is one of the Rublix's flagship products which assist those trading in crypto currencies, and make informed and educated decisions. The platform enables novice traders to quickly analyse and learn from more experienced traders with proven track records.


Cryptocurrencies is a volatile market and do not give a trusted piece of information that a trader requires. Rublix's Hedge exposes market manipulation by shedding light on the trusted source of trader information. The platform empowers a trader by developing their knowledge base and hones their skills, with seamless integration of bringing transparency, decentralization, and immutability.


According to David Waslen, co-founder and CEO of Rublix, "Rublix aims to expose each trading prediction both before and after the event to increase transparency and accountability.”


TradersEdge is another upcoming Rublix's product that will help new traders enter the cryptocurrency market. It is slated for launch in Q3 of 2018. While Centurio is a forthcoming building tool by Rublix to assist newbie get acquainted with the use cryptocurrencies for daily transactions and savings.