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Primedice Bitcoin Casino Hacked For $1,000,000

Primedice Bitcoin Casino Hacked For 1 000 000

The Bitcoin gambling industry has been growing ever since the Bitcoin became a more mainstream payment method, but while most sites has been enjoying the upswing, we’re guessing that Primedice are quite annoyed these days.

The reason for such is that they have just lost around $1,000,000 to a player who went under the nick of “Hufflepuff”, who found a way to hack Primedice’s system and figure out what to place a bet on to win.

Primedice is a Bitcoin dice site that has a 1% house-edge only. This was part of the reason for why the player managed to win so much money without the site noticing, as it was not that irregular. The company did eventually find out and now promises rewards to anyone who can help find information on the player and obtain back some of the money.

Hufflepuff managed to win the money by figuring out how to see what the dice would roll in the system. This was done by combining the information given in the server and client seed in the hex seed and then get Primedice to send unencrypted seeds so he would know if he was winning or losing.

Hufflepuff then simply cashed out the Bitcoin as he was winning and with no way of figuring out his identity or reversing the transactions, the money seems lost to Primedice - Who learned a very expensive lesson.