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Price of Bitcoin more stable than the price of gold

Price of Bitcoin more stable than the price of gold

The value of a Bitcoin fluctuates less than the price of gold for three and a half weeks now, which is a new record.



One of the main disadvantages of the Bitcoin is that the value of the virtual currency is quiet volatile. Due to the fact there is no central instance to guard the value of the coin by spending more Bitcoins with rising demand, the value of de coin fluctuates a lot. This is problematic for salesmen who want to want to pay off there pizza's, electronics and drugs in Bitcoins: everyday a new pricetag is demanded.



After the rollercoaster of the last couple of years, it finally looks like the Bitcoin has reached smoother waters. The volatility of the coin has decreased enormous the last couple of months. The last weeks a milestone was reached: the course of the Bitcoin oscillated less than the price of gold, The Wall Street Journal announced.

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