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Poloniex Moves to Delist 17 Virtual Currencies

Poloniex Moves to Delist 17 Virtual Currencies

Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex is going to delist 17 variants of digital currencies as of May 02.

No information has been provided as to the reason for the decision. The press release stated that support will be suspended for the following tokens: BBR, BITS, C2, CURE, HZ, IOC, MYR, NOBL, NSR, QBK, QORA, QTL, RBY, SDC, UNITY, VOX and XMG.

According to media reports, most of these cryptocurrencies registered a sharp drop in value following the announcement.

The community has remained in a state of bewilderness because many of these digital currencies are in an active state of development.

Here is how users commented Poloniex’s move on Twitter:

-        @Poloniex Shocked about #curecoin, that I still consider a good and interesting project. Time to move to another cripto exchange.

-        @Poloniex I’m surprised Vox. That’s the talk of the town right now.

-        @Poloniex Hey @Poloniex, anything we can do to avoid delisting?