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pH Miners launches powerful miners for Bitcoin and Litecoin

pH Miners launches powerful miners for Bitcoin and Litecoin

pH Miners Inc. has announced the launch of two powerful miners for leading cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Litecoin. Users of the brand new product will easily process transactions and track the release of new cryptocurrencies.



With the cryptocurrencies quickly gaining ground as being reliable alternatives to real money, they are used more and more. Among financial institutions, retailers and growing numbers of the public, it is impossible to imagine business without the use of cryptocurrencies.



The company offers the ultrafast Bitcoin Miner 25TH/s and the Litecoin Miner 1000MH/s, both costing $3,000. The Litecoin Miner can mine other cryptocurrencies as well. According to pH Miners they both have been fully tested at multiple stages following manufacture to make sure they perform to the highest of standards.



Eric Franklin, CEO of pH Miners, said: “We believe that our products will have a high impact on the market, and we're pleased to now make our first two miners available to customers around the world who want to get into the exciting area of cybercurrencies.”

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