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PayPal to Accept Bitcoin in Coming Months

PayPal to Accept Bitcoin in Coming Months

It has been the talk of the town for the past months – When will Ebay begin to accept Bitcoin payments? - Well it seems that we're one step closer to that now, as Ebay's PayPal payment service announced that they will be integrating Bitcoin payments into their services and accept Bitcoin payments from their merchants.


While the details are still sort of limited, it is without a doubt a huge deal for Bitcoin as a whole, as PayPal is the most used online payment service. It is expected that within a couple of months the system will be integrated and it will be rolled out to the merchants who wants to join the program.


The system will be in partnership with Coinbase, one of the world's leading exchange sites for Bitcoins, with PayPal promising that the experience will be as good as it can get. While the Bitcoin enthusiasts were happy about the positive news, so were the shareholders of Ebay, as the shares rose 0.6%.

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