OroCoin Launched on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A unique type of cryptocurrency, OroCoin, has been introduced on the market and is already traded on C-Cex.com, Nova Exchange, Cryptopia and other prominent digital currency exchanges.

The cryptocurrency, whose name derives from the Spanish word for ‘gold’, is said to be delivering value to the whole spectrum of stakeholders from traders to digital currency miners.

Among OroCoin’s unique selling propositions are the quick confirmation times and speedy adjusting difficulty which guarantees lucrative mining regardless of the level and intensity of mining activity at any given point in time. In addition, what sets OroCoin apart from its competitors is that it ties its block rewards to the value of gold.

One of the lead developers at OroCoin commented, “With this project, we wanted to set a new ‘gold standard’ in the cryptocurrency space, creating an asset that was fun and profitable for everyone.”

Following the launch, OroCoin’s team will dedicate its efforts to building a tangible presence of the cryptocurrency in the virtual space. Planned activities include publicity and relationship-building campaigns.

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