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OneCoin Under Heat From Another Three Countries

OneCoin Under Heat From Another Three Countries

OneCoin Ponzi Scheme is under the radar of another three countries. Vietnam, Norway and Belize are currently investigating the infamous Ponzi scheme that is still in full effect despite facing heat from the law enforcement agencies.

The very day that it rolled out, OneCoin should not have survived as it was obvious of how the company was fooling its consumers. They made claims of having a cryptocurrency on a blockchain (either of which doesn’t exist), that made people rich.

Though initial investors recruiting new investors have become rich, the vast population would never be able to take their money out.

OneCoin is affecting and giving a bad name to Bitcoin and other real cryptocurrencies, as inexperienced investors are misled into investing in the only true cryptocurrency that matters.

The Norwegian Lottery Authority has started investigating OneCoin activity in the country and has demanded all the information on all the employees of the company active in the country.

Belize has also ordered to cease and stop all the operations of the company in the country for violation of the national law as it is not licenced to operate in the country.

In Vietnam, an official investigation has been launched as OneCoin’s parent company forged government documents that claimed to grant them legal status in the country.