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New Cryptocurrency "IrishCoin" Launching Today

New Cryptocurrency IrishCoin Launching Today

Today will see the birth of a new cryptocurrency, as IrishCoin is being launched at 10.00 AM ET. IrishCoin has been designed primarily for the Irish tourist industry, a $3 billion a year industry which IrishCoin is looking to help utilize the best possible way. The coin will be used as a promotional aspect, but also as a discount token to provide to customers.

Furthermore having a cryptocurrency for the Irish tourism industry will help companies being able to brand themselves more, especially amongst Irish people living abroad. Distribution of IrishCoin will be done through global organizations, companies and ventures that are connected to the Irish tourism industry.

Furthermore the creators are in talking and negotiation stages with several other organizations and Irish networks and further announcements should come within the first couple of days after launching. Businesses will also be able to accept the coin as a payment method for their goods. IrishCoin is targeted towards the Irish tourism industry, but it is open and available for everyone who wants to purchase and sell the coin on the different trading platforms.

Technical Data of IrishCoin:

Name: IrishCoin - Version 0.8.1 BETA
Symbol: IRL
Pre-Mine 4.5 Million IRL (Dedicated To Tourism Industry)
Based on latest Litecoin/Maplecoin 0.8.1 source
Using Scrypt Mining
Block Target: 120 seconds
Difficulty Re-Targets every 4 blocks based on last 90 blocks (Quick
Difficulty Readjustment)
Block reward: 100 IRL halving every 320000 blocks (about 18 months)
Total coin mined: 64 million IRL
64 million coins will be mined in approx. first 7 years
Transaction Confirmations Needed: 6

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