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New AltCoin Cryptocurrency Inspired by Kanye West

New AltCoin Cryptocurrency Inspired by Kanye West

In a time where more and more new and somehow unique AltCoins are being released, a new coin inspired by the controversial rapper is about to be released. The coin will be known as Coinye West and as you can see in the picture has its design very inspired by the rapper, as well as from the name that resemblance his name.

The developers behind Coinye West promises potential miners and investors a fair and proper cryptocurrency, which will be released for the masses at January 11th this year. Mining will be made through a script based algorithm, which they believe will make miners realize that it is way better than the Bitcoin.

Despite the name, Coinye West has nothing to do with the rapper and the developers are also worried about Kanye trying to close down the cryptocurrency, offering him 100,000 coins before the official release has been made. The developers made the following comment: "Kanye ... is and always has been a trendsetter, and he's always keeping things unique" and " we're really not sure how Kanye is gonna react to this. We hope he loves it, but if he doesn't, he really isn't someone we want to piss off.".

Despite several AltCoins being created recently more as a joke than as a serious competitor to the Bitcoin, the developers behind Coinye West claims that their project is 100% serious saying: "Bitcoin is for hardcore money-hoarders, and dogecoin was more for the internet-meme crowds," and "Our goal with Coinye West is to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrency.".

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