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Netcents Along with MasterCard Give the Go-Ahead for Direct Purchase of BTC

Netcents Along with MasterCard Give the Go Ahead for Direct Purchase of BTC

NetCents Founder and CEOClayton Moore recently announced:

"This is a major opportunity for NetCents and immense one for the cryptocurrency sector. No one else offers direct BTC purchasing with MasterCard or Visa. NetCents has streamlined the process for purchasing with cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin. We are leaping onto the world stage by offering services that others don`t, and to do it with access to the world including the fast-growing Chinese electronic payment market is a massive step forward for the company. NetCents is finding its niche in capturing the migration from cash to digital currency by utilizing innovative Blockchain Technology.”

Globally more and more countries are paving the way for the acceptance of digital currency. Both Russia and Japan are currently changing regulations of BTC. Japan introduced a new law as of April 1, 2017, that will make bitcoins a legalized method of payment.