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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 37,750.36 Enables Bitcoins For Tickets in More Than 900 US Cinemas Enables Bitcoins For Tickets in More Than 900 US Cinemas, one of the largest online movie ticket purchasing sites in the US, has announced that they have enabled Bitcoin payments for movie tickets in 985 theaters across the country.

The integration of Bitcoin payments for the theaters came in partnership with the Bitcoin merchant payment system provider GoCoin. This means that the theaters using MovieTickets’ credit card service will now also be able to accept Bitcoin payments.

Part of the reason why MovieTickets decided to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method, came from the Sundance-winning Indie movie “Dope”, who used Bitcoin in their marketing strategy. They noticed the strengths of the Bitcoin in the promotion and decided to strengthen their own offerings.

"Our intention is to keep the option available beyond the film’s theatrical run for other films to benefit from. The more payment options we offer, the broader our customer base becomes,” Chief Executive Officer at MovieTickets, Joel Cohen told Coindesk.

Great news for the Bitcoin holders who wants to be able to use their coins for leisure activities, but also for the overall mainstream adaption of the Bitcoin, with more companies noticing the strengths of the Bitcoin and sees that it can streamline their profits.