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More Charities Accepting Bitcoin Donations

More Charities Accepting Bitcoin Donations

More and more charity organizations have started to accept Bitcoin donations, due to the easy integration of the popular payment method as well as the low fee associated with the cryptocurrency. The integration of Bitcoins as a donation possibility opens up a new world of possible donators as well as a chance of the worth of the coins increasing significantly as seen in the past. On the downside there is of course also a chance of the Bitcoin devaluing, but as it is right now, the Bitcoin seems stable.

Bitcoin Payment Service companies has had a wide focus on charity organizations and are happy to help them out, to try and make the world a better place. GoCoin who is one of the leading payment platforms has announced that they have made a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, creating a special #GO4Good campaign to raise money for the charity.

The campaign is quite simple, as GoCoin asks Twitter's to tweet the hashtag on Giving Tuesday and for each tweet made they will donate $10 to the charity. GoCoin also promised to match any Bitcoin donation made up to the worth of $10,000, ensuring that the charity is off to a good start.

This might be the starting point for many more charities accepting Bitcoins and other alternative cryptocurrencies, helping out people in need without all the fees and slow transactions. 

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