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Current Bitcoin Price: $ 37,046.53

Monero And Dash Take Up Charge While Bitcoin Slips Down

Monero And Dash Take Up Charge While Bitcoin Slips Down

Bitcoin prices went down 2% today, on Saturday, after falling below $4,300. The prices went down after slightly touching its all-time high.

The price of Ethereum was stable trading at about $335, while Bitcoin cash went down by 3% to $626. The slide would have resulted in minor market changes, indicating a fall, but the digital currencies like Monero and Dash prices have gone strong supporting the record level.

The altcoins maintained the market cap fluctuation throughout the day to give an ultimate boost of $400 million. The current total value of cryptocurrencies is $155 billion.

On Friday the Bitcoin prices had gone up by 4%, leaving investors with the hope it would cross $4500 mark. Till the evening the hopes looked positive where the prices had gone up to $4,450. However, the prices began dipping down and continued to decline gradually on Saturday. The last reported time prices of the currency were at $4,284 mark which roughly contributed to $70.8 billion market cap.

Analysts still hold strong on the fact that the price of the digital currency would reach $5,000 mark by the end of the year.

Monero and Dash prices contribute the current stability in the market. Both the currencies saw the prices eventually going up in the throughout the August from $200 to gradually going on $300 level and eventually crossing $400 mark on Saturday. However the prices receded, and the current value sits at $387, with the market cap value of $2.9 billion, sitting firmly on 5th rank in the crypto market.