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Manchester Gets a Bitcoin ATM

Manchester Gets a Bitcoin ATM

The highly popular Arndale store in Manchester, England has gotten a Bitcoin ATM of their own. The highly popular cryptocurrency has been in the news continuously for almost two years and slowly but surely it’s becoming more and more widely accepted as an actual currency. This new ATM opening in Manchester is another great step in the right direction.

The CeX shop in the Arndale Center became one of the first shops in the UK to accept Bitcoin and they’ve already announced to be expanding from 30 shops to 256 shops that will accept Bitcoin. Their store in Glasgow, Scotland has also started accepting Bitcoin for purchases in this entertainment store.

Many big online stores have started to accept Bitcoin, including Expedia, Overstock and Amazon, which further helps Bitcoin to become an established currency.

Having more and more brick and mortar stores accept Bitcoin is great for its global recognition, as people became more aware of its use. Everyone that visits a shop with a Bitcoin ATM will be reminded of the fact that this new technology is here to stay.

Even if you’re selling an item to the CeX store, like a video game, you can choose to get your money back in Bitcoin. The store will generate a QR code for you which you can scan and receive.

As of October 2014 all continents have at least one Bitcoin ATM. Among the more surprising countries with a Bitcoin ATM we spotted Kyrgyzstan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Romania. All Bitcoin ATMs can be found right here.