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Madstar Mobile Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Madstar Mobile Accepting Bitcoin Payments

Madstar Mobile has become the first national wireless carrier to allow mobile subscribers to use the digital currency Bitcoin as a preferred method of payment. Madstar Mobile joins companies like Dell and Dish Network who allow Bitcoin as an alternative to the U.S. Dollar.

The crypto currency Bitcoin has been an option for Madstar Mobile subscribers since its national launch in 2013. As of February 15st, Madstar Mobile will allow Bitcoin payments through their Bring Your Own Mobile Device (BYOMD) program so that transferring subscribers may switch and keep their existing mobile device, content and phone number with some subscribers saving up to 40% monthly.

"We are grateful to now offer a payment system based on a completely digital form of currency that can be transferred instantly and securely from anywhere in the world. Subscribers have complete control over their Bitcoin accounts without being tied to any financial institution and may have lower transaction fees than most major credit cards allowing those subscribers to be the further recipient of savings," said David Pearsall, CEO of Madstar Mobile.

The Bitcoin is currently valued at around $240 per coin.

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