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Lykke Cryptocurrency Exchange Now Includes Ethereum

Lykke Cryptocurrency Exchange Now Includes Ethereum

Lykke, cryptocurrency exchange has integrated Ethereum and is available for trades through Lykke wallets. Lykke exchange would enable the users to trade ether with all the other tokens and currencies.

Lykke is taking up the task and working on making Lykke an ERC20-token wallet by the end of the summer. This wallet will be able to engage with all the smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

Lykke intends to add a new dimension of trading to their platform with the integration if the Ethereum blockchains.

Over the time Ethereum has emerged as the base currency for most tokens. With the newest addition to of Ethereum based tokens, Lykke will be able to offer more than 95% of all the cryptographic tokens in the market. 

The Lykke exchange binds the customer’s ether to exchange for trading purpose and it will also hold a separate private wallet which would hold ethers off the exchange.