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Lionsgate Announces Bitcoin Acceptance and Discounts

Lionsgate Announces Bitcoin Acceptance and Discounts

The Bitcoin is having a good year, seeing more and more positive mainstream attention and reaching new markets. The Bitcoin is no longer just for the tech-nerds, but also for a large percentage of the mainstream population who understands the benefits of using Bitcoins rather than a fiat-currency.

Luckily the companies are also beginning to understand this and we have seen many large companies investing in Bitcoins. Now one of the leading movie companies, Lionsgate, announced that they are also accepting Bitcoins and offering 25% discounts to everyone using Bitcoins to pay with on top.

Lionsgate has partnered up with GoCoin to accept Bitcoins for dvd’s and Blu-ray discs, but are looking into accepting Bitcoins in other parts of their operations also, such as in merchandising.

"Whether they pay in dollars, francs or bitcoins, people are spending more money to watch content across more distribution platforms than ever before, and our goal is to offer them greater choice in what they watch, where they watch it, how they watch it and how they pay for it,” Michael Burns, Vice Chairman for Lionsgate said in a press release.

This could be one of the boosts that the Bitcoin needs to kick in the doors to the entertainment industry and become a fixed part of it.