| On 7 years ago

Last Bitcoin Wallet Removed From App Store


Apple’s war on Bitcoin has come to an end with Apple being the only victor by having removed every last Bitcoin wallet app from its App Store. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin has received approval and recognition from such high calliber tech magnates as Bill Gates and Richard Branson and is one of the most popular virtual currencies approved by Google. This is why its puzzling that Apple would maintain such a staunch anti-Bitcoin position.

One possible reason might be that Apple has launched its own mobile payment on iOS, called Passbook, which is a direct competitor to other payment methods around the world. But instead of competing fair and square, Apple has flexed its muscle and destroyed its competition on it’s own ground.

This strategy has prompted anger and frustration from the technology industry worldwide. Apple policies have always been met with disregard, as opposed to its main competitor, Google, who’s userbase is growing exponentially because of its more open policies and approach towards new technologies.